Copertina Ho un pinguino nella scarpa


“Ho un pinguino nella scarpa” (I have a penguin in my shoe) is the ironic and irreverent title of the very first album of Saya 5et.
Saya is an Italian quintet that embraces and performs the rich repertoire of Italian songs from 30's to 60's in an original way, presenting some of the most famous classics from authors such as D. Modugno, Mina, Trio Lescano, L. Tenco and other real jewels.
This is a courageous and ambitious project that pays homage to the Italian tradition, faced with respect, spontaneity and irony, through a jazzy approach that leaves space for improvisations and dialogue among musicians.
Sara Fattoretto's intense voice, added to the essential sound of the band: Yuri Argentino (sax), Andrea Vedovato (guitar/banjo), Riccardo di Vinci (doublebass) and Stefano Cosi (drums), produces a warm and refined mix that leads the audience through the memories of the most prolific and interesting Italian period.
Words and melodies give space to improvisations and experimental paths: musicians, all based in Padua, despite their young age, are very valued in Italy.

1. Parlami d'amore Mariù
2. La voglia, la pazzia
3. Torpedo blu
4. Baciami piccina
5. Il tempo dei limoni
6. Ho un sassolino nella scarpa
7. Vecchio frack
8. Notte di luna calante
9. Il pinguino innamorato
10. Sono tanto pigro
11. Amore baciami by Massimo Argo

There are albums that make you feel lighter, that ignite the engine of happiness, making you see life with different eyes. This album is one of them.

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